The savings generated on freight and brokerage through Basad Logistics Inc, together with the storage and fulfillment solutions offered by our sister company, I & S Warehousing, results in an unbeatable storage and shipping package.

I & S Warehousing Inc. offers its clients a warehousing facility that ships goods across Canada from its distribution centre. Established to provide Third Party warehousing and distribution services to several vendors of the “Big Box” stores and major Canadian retailers, this impressive facility occupies approximately 75,000 square feet.

Should you be interested in further streamlining your supply-chain by storing your goods for short or long term in our facility, I & S Warehousing can help you extend your Canadian presence by dramatically decreasing turn around time for orders’ arrival in the stores. This improves your in-stock levels and ensures that your products are on the shelves much sooner, resulting in increased sales.

Through a second sister company, Agents Are Us, we also offer companies and their products superb in-store servicing and merchandising. The services provided by Agents Are Us enable our clients to increase their sales and extend their Canadian market presence by working with a professional manufacturer’s service agency. Agents Are Us also provides in-store demonstrations, marketing assistance and professional sales assistance. Working individually, in pairs, or in small groups, we are in the stores building sets, sales, and relationships, on a daily basis.

Basad Logistics, together with the benefits that I & S Warehousing can offer your company, and the outstanding service Agents Are Us provides, is a truly unique company that is able to offer “one-stop shopping” with sales, service, marketing, warehousing, freight and distribution in one facility!

I & S Warehousing Agents Are Us

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